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[26 Feb 2005|10:41pm]
[ mood | shocked ]

okay i know i said i didnt like writing in this thing anymore but i just had to add this entry because today was effing amazing!

i went to the HIDDEN IN PLAIN VIEW/DONT LOOK DOWN show today

WRITTEN BY:magnifiedplaid9 (shauna)

we had "soundcheck party passes" and we walked in and met Joe, Chris, Mike, and Spencer. We asked Chris how the sound check party passes worked. But he had no idea and said that they had gotten there late and never had a soundcheck. we walked away and chris called his tour manager, and neither of them had any clue about it. So Chris and his tour manager found us and told us to follow them, so we did. They brought us backstage and into one of those little rooms where bands hang out when they are not preforming. We (me,shauna,emily) sat down on their couch.. the tour manager offered us all food and everything, but we didnt take it.. i think we were a little in shock. Chris said there was supossed to be pizza so he promised next time there would definatly be pizza. we ended up staying in that room for 2 hours and NO OTHER fans were up there. Chris talked to us a lot and he was saying how the Bubba Mac Shack was the greatest place ever and he wants to play there again and rob agreed. he told us childhood memories from Ocean City and told us tour stories and everything. Joe was telling us how much he loves Hot tea and Mike was talking about chicken cheese steaks, while him and spencer were eating the biggest sub and fries of all time. spencer almost threw it all up. mike also said the funniest thing when we were sitting there talking about food somehow rabbits came up and he was like "don't eat rabbits there cute" it was funny. Rob told us all about how good of a driver he is and he played guitar for a while. I said that i liked Dont Look Down so i got to meet the singer and he kept on asking us about his alfit, because he didnt know wether to put the colar up or down. Spencer went into his bag and pulled out clothes... im thinking "maybe he'll take off his shirt"....but he ended up getting completely dressed in front of us.. wow.. i tried to pretend i wasnt looking.. he has chicken legs. Rob accidently sat on my arm. i. asked chris what was going on with drive-thru and he said. "I dunno, ask Stefanie... her and richard are coming, I called them and Stefanie said they were coming.. then you hear richard in the backround saying (imatating voice) thats sooooo farrrrr." I saw Joe later and he said they never came. Chris was like. "Ace is coming too... you guys know Ace?" Then they talked business for a while. It was really cool to learn about it all. At 3:30 it was time for them to go on stage. Chris and Rob invited us to go on stage with them so we watched them from the stage with some of their friends. They were awesome, Chris talked to us later and let us stay up there for Dont Look Down too. Ace showed up with his giirlfriend but only stayed for a few minuties and we didnt get to talk to him. Chris came up to us and said goodbye, shook our hands. wispered in my ear (because it was loud) he said "Next time we'll play in South Jersey" We said bye to Spencer and Mike. Walked out. bought Merch. went in Talked to Joe, he said we can do it again next time we're in town.. just come find us. we left. stood in lobby waiting for ems aunt and Mike saw us while he was pulling equidment.. and he said hi again. we left. awesome night. i am so thankful. Chris pretty much took care of the whole day and never left us alone.

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[10 Dec 2004|05:52pm]
i dont like writing in here anymore...
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time for an update! [30 Nov 2004|11:02pm]
[ mood | tired ]

thanksgiving was boring...i didnt want to eat a lot because i was afraid of getting sick on friday at basketball.  i went to my grandparents house and was with my half cousins who were annoying as anything because they just werent the people i thought they would be...just not as cool as me...

friday and saturday was the start of basketball!  oh so much fun there! we ran SO much it was crazy..especially on friday we ran so so so so so much. but you know it doesnt hurt it only could help get me back in shape. didnt do anything else over the weekend because i was so tired from all the running.

monday and today had school and then practice. wasnt all that bad. i havent been doing to well as keeping up with my homework.  i have so much to do that i havent and its insane. i really need to focus more on school and not care so much about being tired and basketball because it will really kill my grades...

thats about it folks! time to go to sleep <3

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[24 Nov 2004|05:43pm]
monday-school and open gym and stuff...nothing exciting..

tuesday-school and a lot of sleeping! haha still nothing too good.

report card...
Public Speaking-84?!?!
Child Care-98

today-school and havent done anything..i dont want it to be thanksgiving because that means on friday i have basketball! it will be fun i know but i dont want to have the practices that are long and him yelling and everything. i just want to have a game every day. that would be awesome.

well now im just rambling im gonna go do something..
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the off-season is coming to an end. [21 Nov 2004|09:34pm]
[ mood | exanimate ]

thursday-school and basketball meeting and then came home and didnt do anything because i didnt feel like moving..

friday-school and went to belhaven and scrimmaged their team wow im really out of shape...you know i would think that i was l  l that much in shape but then you start playing and its like wow im no where in somewhat of any shape. it was fun though. after that i went to the bullies game with hawk and her dad.  it was fun.

saturday-slept in for my last saturday for awhile. probably until about 11:30-12ish. then did nothing all day i was so lazy. then at night i went bowling with hawk, mary, emily, john wise, and jj.  fun times! you guys are awesome! and i didnt do as bad as i did the other night! haha!

today-woke up to the vaccum cleaner! i was mad. that was at frickin 9 o clock! i wanted to sleep! so i did all my football stuff and sat around all day until i got yelled at to do my homework.  so i did that and then i got yelled at for not playing basketball because it was so nice out.  i still didnt do it. then at halftime of the eagles game i was told that if i didnt go play basketball i wouldnt be able to watch the second half of the game! i was angered. so i went outside for about an hour and i missed the whole good part of the game! i only got to see less than the last 2 minutes! so yea thats pretty much my weekend.

i dont really know how i stand right now about this week...i mean i want to have the four day weekend but then its like i dont since basketball starts on friday. i want it to start because i want something to do with my life because i dont have one but i dont want to deal with geis and the 3 hour practices and all that fun crap. but hey atleast i get a free trip to disney world for it over christmas break!

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[17 Nov 2004|09:18pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

well its been a few days...

sunday watched football like usual pretty much just a chill day.

monday school and handed in my soccer uniform! yes! shot some hoops for a few minutes. went to open gym that night for like an hour. it was fun though. a good practice to get ready.

tuesday school and did nothing pretty boring day but it was fine with me.

today school and didnt do any of my hw because i didnt feel like it.  soccer banquet. pretty gay. sat there listening to everyone talking about the varsity and stuff. also made fun of a lot of people but not in a bad way...just a funny way.

tomorrow i have a basketball meeting after school and on friday im going to belhaven to play against them.  i wasnt really writing that for you losers that actually take the time to read this, but as a reminder for myself so i dont forget.

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[13 Nov 2004|01:01pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

i guess i can update since i have nothing better to do..

wednesday i had school and went out wednesday night. no school thursday. slept for like 11 hours. went to my grandparents cuz my aunt was visiting. nothing exciting. then came home and did nothing.

yesterday went to school and came home and watched movies. then i went bowling with watts hawk andrew mary and emily. it was fun. i suck but thats ok i dont care. didnt go to the football game since it was raining but thats okay i dont really care.

today im not doing anything because im here by myself so i dont have a ride anywhere. and im bored and hungry so im gonna go eat.

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[09 Nov 2004|10:06pm]
[ mood | cold ]

im bored so i decided to update.

sunday nothing much happened. i just watched the eagles game which i didnt really mind them losing to pittsburg because they had to lose sometime and pittsburg is the team i would have wanted them to lose to the most. after that i was watching the other game but i had to go to the rainforest cafe with the soccer team.  it was fun and it was the last time we will be together as a team. thank god its over!

yesterday i got out of school at 11 to go watch the varsity girls play in lenape. i didnt get to dress which i was perfectly fine with becuase i still got out of school. it was freezing there! i sat like the whole time and when i stood up all the bones in my body cracked because they were frozen in place. i couldnt feel my feet until this morning they were frozen. the girls lost 3-0 but they had an awesome season but i wouldnt know much about it and i really dont care.

today nothing much happened. school went pretty slow. i had two tests today and i have to make one up tomorrow that i missed on monday. ugh basketball starts in 17 days. im happy about it because i love basketball but then again its so much work and i have to like lead the jv team (im not trying to brag or anything but im the starting point guard and its like my job to lead). but at least we get to go to disney over winter break for our tournament that im not even playing in! and i think we are getting team shoes...just what i need another pair of basketball shoes..now i will have four! i will strictly wear the team ones at games too because i mean thats the point.

well im tired im probably going to go to sleep soon

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[06 Nov 2004|10:34pm]
[ mood | bored ]

wow its been awhile...

absolutely NOTHING has happened. the first m.p. ends wednesday which is cool cuz that means only 3 more! basketball starts soon dont know if im looking foward to it or dreading it..its a little of both. i ball ran for the varsity their two state games and they won both and the second one was in the rain and went into two overtimes and was 0-0 and then went into penalty kicks. it was a good game to watch. and since i have been helping out mr eachus asked if i would like to go the game on monday but i mean its not a definite anyway because i said yea and he was like "okay i will let you know" but either way it was still cool being asked cuz if i do get to go i get to leave school really early but i mean i dont really know the varsity people all to well and i kinda wish there could be someone else coming with me. it doesnt matter though because i probably wont be going anyway. tomorrow is Duce Staley, Antowain Randle El, and Jeff Reed (all my favs.) vs. d-mcnabb, TO, and akers! its gonna be a good game to watch. but then at 6 i have to stop watching football because i have to go to the thing for soccer...i dont want to miss my football! stupid people decide to go on a sunday! those are the kinds of people i cant stand...whatever.

yea well thats it..hope you that went to the yellowcard/starting line concert had fun!

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[29 Oct 2004|06:02pm]
[ mood | happy ]

well the season is over but first with out other games from the week...

saturday we played sterling. we had to leave the school at 7:45! drove all the way up there and we tied 0-0. then our coach decided she wanted to play overtime since in their division the jv does. and we havent played ot before and well it was 2 5 min. ot's and well we lost in the second one and we really shouldnt have but we did. i was just a little mad after that game...

monday and tuesday we had our last practices of the year! wednesday we played hammonton at hammonton and we won 3-0. i didnt score again but it didnt matter because we won. i played so hard too it was crazy! it was a okay game.

yesterday we played our last game at buena. we won 3-0. i didnt score again and i was kinda mad about that. i was on a sugar high the whole game. it was pretty awesome except i was like hyperventilating the whole time because i couldnt breathe because of all my energy. i really cant stand coach k shes like 1000 times worse than eger! but whatever its over it doesnt matter. sorry to those that i was complaining to about all that stupid stuff but you guys know i love you all!

well yea i cant believe im saying this but i miss it all ready! it was fun guys!

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[21 Oct 2004|10:44pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

well yet again we have manged not to win. we played oakcreast. last time we played oakcreast we won 4-1.  what happened this time? well we messed up and it was all muddy and i was doing real good and i got taken out. it was the best game of my season. we tied 3-3. i assisted the first goal because i followed the ball in and kicked it to alyssa. then i scored the other two goals because im just that great. so if i scored 2 goals and had an assist...how can i be so mad? well its quite simple really..i should have scored like 20 other times especially 2 or three times. and i definitely shouldnt have gotten taken out i was seriously doing so amazing it was just a stupid move. i played almost the whole game except the one time i came out. i wanted to play the whole game! why did she have to take me out? i was doing amazing! i really dont understand. people are weird! i really took this loss upon myself. why do i always do so bad in games like these?! i really needed to get one more goal or an assist i would have really been happy and i actually would have done something right for a change. but whatever...

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well once you go uphill you need to go downhill too right? [20 Oct 2004|07:42pm]
[ mood | irate ]

over the weekend i woke up early to take the PSATs and then i went out all day and on sunday i went to the eagles game.
monday school and sat at practice and then went to fopes for a pasta party and made shirts.
well i did get cleared yesterday and was able to play against ocean city on tuesday and played. we lost 2-1. we played pretty good though we scored first. but still lost :( i was so mad before the game and i didnt take it out on oc which pisses me off now...
today was bad. real bad. i wanted to kill anyone who talked to me bad. i dont even want to go into it because it was just that bad i couldnt do anything all day i was so so mad. i just will put it this way....once you get me mad STAY AWAY FOREVER! i am very hard on forgiving people so if you dont want to talk to me ever again and want to kill you everytime i hear your name or see you, you now know what to do.

ugh i really cant take this anymore i really cant if there was any way out of any of this i would love for you to let me know how...as for now im going to take this out on the walls in my room..

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[13 Oct 2004|08:18pm]
Another uphill day!

school was good nothing disappointing. then i did my rehab or whatever for my knee...10 minutes on the bike and 10 minutes on the other machine. then D said i could kick the ball around!! i was warming up lauren..the goalie..and i was kicking the ball harder than i have before and it was cool i just hope i can still kick like that on tuesday..if i can play. i got my appointment changed to tuesday morning so i will find out if i can play or not. if he says i have to get an MRI i will kick his ass and make him change his mind so i can play against OC! oh man if i cant play im gonna be so pissed. im just hoping for the best!
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[12 Oct 2004|06:39pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

Yay! i might be able to play next week! I went to D today (the trainer) and he made me do some things to see if my knee was really messed up and it didnt hurt so yea. he made me get on the bike and the elliptical thing and i did that for 10 minutes each one. he said that its looking good but i just have to get another appointment sooner so that i could play. Im so glad i have been having a good october! i got my braces off, i won the football pool im in again(another $200 some), got a 104 on my math quiz, i got a 90 on my chem. test that i thought i failed, i scored three goals in three games last week, i scored two goals the week before that, everything has been so good except my knee so hopefully my luck will rub off on it!

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[09 Oct 2004|06:44pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

Yea well if i havent told you yet...i have another stress fracture. except now its in my knee and not my foot like it was last year.  but the doctor said it should be faster than the other one was but im still out for at least four weeks! this sucks so bad im missing the rest of the soccer season and the fall ball basketball league! im pissed! im missing 3 or 4 soccer games and one of them being oc! ugh im so mad! but at least i got it now instead of during basketball season. it would be even worse i would have been so mad! but im still mad now. im on crutches until i can walk on it without it hurting which it only did like once before i went to the doctor. its so gay im so mad!

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[08 Oct 2004|10:07am]
[ mood | creative ]

its been a really good week for me it really has. wednesday i had school and it was a half day so i was able to go home and do some hw before i had to go to soccer practice and my bball game.  we played olma in our game and we won.  i did kinda bad but whatever we won thats all that matters.  and on thursday i had a soccer game after school at home vs. hammonton.  we won 3-0 i think it was. i scored another goal because i am just amazing lol yeah right. but thats three games in a row i had a goal...a really big accomplishment i guess you could say.  and since we did so good this week no practice over the four day weekend! hell yea! i have to go to the doctor tomorrow though because of my knee..but thats ok. well yea thats about it...

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[05 Oct 2004|06:50pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

yesterday was a really good day for me..

school went fast and nothing bad happened..i didnt have to take my chem. test! and then i had a soccer game after school against olma which meant no swimming! so we had a game against olma who is bad and we only won 3-2 and i scored and had an assist. they shouldnt have scored and we should have killed them but its ok b/c it didnt count because we didnt have real refs. so then after that game i drove out to oakcreast for my basketball game.  we  beat oakcreast 44 to 40 and i was so hyper it was crazy. and our whole team was sophomores and freshman and they had at least one junior on their team. so that made me happy. i only had one basket but i had a ton of assists so i guess it evens out. it was pretty awesome.
so today i had school and then a soccer game at oakcreast. we won 4-1. they scored first but then it was all us. i scored one! thats two days in a row with a goal! pretty awesome! i think i might have had an assist too but i dont remember. my goal shouldnt have been a goal though because i was really really really off sides but i didnt mind the ref not calling it. so yea now i have to do my history project and study for my history test..laterz

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[02 Oct 2004|12:57pm]
[ mood | pessimistic ]

well its been awhile...

i dont remember last weekend at all so i will skip it..

monday had school then a game vs. EHT which we beat 6-1.  that was their first goal all season. i scored two goals cuz im just that amazing.
tuesday had school then practice which was boring
wednesday had school then a game at vineland which we beat 3-1. didnt score because i was so pissed off for some unknown reason but thats ok.
thursday had school then practice then a pasta party at caits which was a lot of fun "i'ma sneak past ya" LMAO! yea that was me and "im sorry".
friday had school then a game at clearview which got me out of a chem test! we won 1-0. i was so pissed off it was real bad that game but sarah saved the day! we didnt get back to the school until 7:15ish and so we got into the game for free since we are cool soccer people. so me and hawk just chilled and watched the game and hung out with a bunch of people.

today i dont really know what im doing i was gonna play soccer with hawk but it was kinda raining so idk. but tomorrow i have the golf tournament for basketball...i dont wanna go!

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[27 Sep 2004|08:59pm]
1. Think of a word you would use to describe me.

2. Go to Google Image Search and search for that word.

3. Select the picture you see as most fitting, and post it as a reply.

4. Post this in your journal.
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[24 Sep 2004|09:45pm]
[ mood | pessimistic ]

well its been awhile...

thursday was my bday went out to lunch friday i dont remember or saturday or sunday or monday or tuesday...

on wednesday i went to school then soccer then a pasta party and we made shirts for oc. they rocked! didnt get home until like 9 and had a ton of hw to do. thursday we played oc...we lost 3-1. it was really bad. things are so messed up on that team its horrible. and i just kinda stayed after for awhile with a few people and had some fun! today was boring and really gay. coach didnt let us out until like 5 and we all wanted to go see the guys play and me hawk and slats went to the jv game. they tied 0-0. it was fun though. no practice tomorrow which is really gay since we have a game on monday but whatever...

things are just so messed up

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