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well once you go uphill you need to go downhill too right?

over the weekend i woke up early to take the PSATs and then i went out all day and on sunday i went to the eagles game.
monday school and sat at practice and then went to fopes for a pasta party and made shirts.
well i did get cleared yesterday and was able to play against ocean city on tuesday and played. we lost 2-1. we played pretty good though we scored first. but still lost :( i was so mad before the game and i didnt take it out on oc which pisses me off now...
today was bad. real bad. i wanted to kill anyone who talked to me bad. i dont even want to go into it because it was just that bad i couldnt do anything all day i was so so mad. i just will put it this way....once you get me mad STAY AWAY FOREVER! i am very hard on forgiving people so if you dont want to talk to me ever again and want to kill you everytime i hear your name or see you, you now know what to do.

ugh i really cant take this anymore i really cant if there was any way out of any of this i would love for you to let me know how...as for now im going to take this out on the walls in my room..
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