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the off-season is coming to an end.

thursday-school and basketball meeting and then came home and didnt do anything because i didnt feel like moving..

friday-school and went to belhaven and scrimmaged their team wow im really out of shape...you know i would think that i was l  l that much in shape but then you start playing and its like wow im no where in somewhat of any shape. it was fun though. after that i went to the bullies game with hawk and her dad.  it was fun.

saturday-slept in for my last saturday for awhile. probably until about 11:30-12ish. then did nothing all day i was so lazy. then at night i went bowling with hawk, mary, emily, john wise, and jj.  fun times! you guys are awesome! and i didnt do as bad as i did the other night! haha!

today-woke up to the vaccum cleaner! i was mad. that was at frickin 9 o clock! i wanted to sleep! so i did all my football stuff and sat around all day until i got yelled at to do my homework.  so i did that and then i got yelled at for not playing basketball because it was so nice out.  i still didnt do it. then at halftime of the eagles game i was told that if i didnt go play basketball i wouldnt be able to watch the second half of the game! i was angered. so i went outside for about an hour and i missed the whole good part of the game! i only got to see less than the last 2 minutes! so yea thats pretty much my weekend.

i dont really know how i stand right now about this week...i mean i want to have the four day weekend but then its like i dont since basketball starts on friday. i want it to start because i want something to do with my life because i dont have one but i dont want to deal with geis and the 3 hour practices and all that fun crap. but hey atleast i get a free trip to disney world for it over christmas break!
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