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time for an update!

thanksgiving was boring...i didnt want to eat a lot because i was afraid of getting sick on friday at basketball.  i went to my grandparents house and was with my half cousins who were annoying as anything because they just werent the people i thought they would be...just not as cool as me...

friday and saturday was the start of basketball!  oh so much fun there! we ran SO much it was crazy..especially on friday we ran so so so so so much. but you know it doesnt hurt it only could help get me back in shape. didnt do anything else over the weekend because i was so tired from all the running.

monday and today had school and then practice. wasnt all that bad. i havent been doing to well as keeping up with my homework.  i have so much to do that i havent and its insane. i really need to focus more on school and not care so much about being tired and basketball because it will really kill my grades...

thats about it folks! time to go to sleep <3
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